Connect before you say 'I do'

The days and weeks leading up to your wedding day can be hectic and stressful. Planning the big day takes up lots of air time in your life, and you may wonder whether you will ever have a non-wedding conversation again!

Family and friends all like to help, and sometimes offer more advice than you appreciate. Navigating the planning phase and then the actual preparation of a wedding is a much under-estimated strain on your relationship.

So why not get yourself more connected with your Beloved and set aside some time for each other in the lead up to your wedding? I call it Last Dates before the Ring, and couples like yourselves have responded very positively to this idea. The idea is to spend time together focusing just on each other - without talking about the wedding! You might talk about your hopes and aspirations for your marriage, what you look forward to doing together once the wedding and honeymoon are over and reminisce about how you met and what you have experienced together so far. Absolutely NO wedding talk is permitted...

Have fun!