It is almost as important to have a Plan B than it is to have your Plan A for the wedding day. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry and often the weather is the culprit!

Make sure you have a wet weather option for your ceremony venue that you love as much as you love the open air one. When you need it you will be glad! Weddings are set a long time ahead of the day and you can never be quite sure what to expect on the day when it comes to the sky!

Bride Tasmania Wedding Expo 2016

Hello Brides to be (and Grooms in tow...)! On 28 August 2016 I will be available for consultation and chats at the Bride Tasmania Wedding Expo! This is an ideal opportunity to meet me in person and chat about your wedding plans. As part of the day I will offer a Special of 20% off if you book your ceremony within 7 days of the Expo. So, come and enjoy the event, there will be many treats and its a great day out to get into the swing of your wedding preparations. See you there!

The Asking

Have you ever wondered what 'The Asking' is all about in a wedding ceremony? This is the part in a wedding movie where the priest asks 'will you, Jane take John to be your lawfully wedded husband, will you love, honour and respect him, in poverty and in wealth, in sickness and in health, until death does part you?"

The words can be very similar to the vows you make to each other - so how is The Asking any different?

One way of looking at it is that by being asked, in public and officially, of whether you will promise to do these things (such as love, honour and respect etc. the other person). You are offered a final moment of reflection, of asking yourself whether this is, indeed, what you want to do. Then - in responding with an 'I do' or 'I will' you state your intention very openly and firmly. This now sets the scene for actually making the promise that you have said you would by speaking your vows.

Connect before you say 'I do'

The days and weeks leading up to your wedding day can be hectic and stressful. Planning the big day takes up lots of air time in your life, and you may wonder whether you will ever have a non-wedding conversation again!

Family and friends all like to help, and sometimes offer more advice than you appreciate. Navigating the planning phase and then the actual preparation of a wedding is a much under-estimated strain on your relationship.

So why not get yourself more connected with your Beloved and set aside some time for each other in the lead up to your wedding? I call it Last Dates before the Ring, and couples like yourselves have responded very positively to this idea. The idea is to spend time together focusing just on each other - without talking about the wedding! You might talk about your hopes and aspirations for your marriage, what you look forward to doing together once the wedding and honeymoon are over and reminisce about how you met and what you have experienced together so far. Absolutely NO wedding talk is permitted...

Have fun!